The Swiss Academy Basel offers places for around 100 students. So if you
want to benefit from the quality and reputation of a small school and international
academic top standards, it is worth registering early


Secondary education qualification after completing either year 8 with a top grade or year 9 with an average grade.

B1+ proficiency in English or higher.

Keen interest in music, dance and/or sports, or exceptional talent in a sport (including dance) or in a musical instrument.


The school fees are invoiced in advance. All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF). Examination fees are not included in the school fees. If the student joins the school during the school year, the school fees are calculated pro rata temporis.

Monthly payment
3% administration surcharge

Tuition per semester

Swiss Academy Olympic package* / **
(Maturity programme for certified talents)



Swiss Academy Talent Package**
(Maturity Program for Talents)



Swiss Academy Combi Package
(Integral Maturity and Talent Development Programme)



Registration and processing fee (one-time):



Flat-rate teaching materials (1st school year):



Flat-rate teaching materials (2nd - 4th school year):



* For holders of a national Swiss Olympic Talent Card and students with an equivalent certified recommendation of national scope.

** Additional sports and music offers on request.

More information?

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The registration process

Contact us

Contact us to arrange an admission meeting.
To the form

Admission meeting

The admission meeting gives us an opportunity to get to know the student and the family, to find out about previous schooling and why the student wants to join us as well as what type of programme would be suitable. We look at academic and non-academic factors such as the student’s motivation, interests and preferred way of learning. Special consideration is also given to sporting, musical and dancing skills.

English assessment

Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate a B1+ level on a test to be fully accepted into the program.

Other assessments

All students wishing to join in grade 10 or 11 must take entry assessments in Maths and Science to ensure they are at the right level.

Report cards

We ask for school report cards and grades from previous schools (scanned copies by e-mail is fine).


We check the individual requirements in a consultation. Test trainings and instrumental auditions as well as external recommendations also serve as a basis for decision-making.

Insight week

Students can register for non-binding trial days at the school.


The school management will decide together with you and your child whether the Swiss Academy Basel is suitable for your child.

Register now and give your child the best education possible.

More information?

Download our information brochure.

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If you have any questions or require further information, please write to us or call us at

Arrange a consultation

We are pleased that you are interested in our school and your confidence in it.

We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting. Our secretary's office will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your message to arrange an appointment with the school management.

The Swiss Academy Dance Program

Dance offers challenges of all kinds and is one of the most comprehensive areas of talent anywhere. Movement, discipline, ambition, talent, aesthetics and artistic talent come together to form a perfect whole.

The Swiss Academy provides students with a variety of dance experiences. Thanks to our experienced leadership and support staff, we are able to unleash the individual and specific potential of each student by creating ideal conditions.

To give our students the best opportunity to develop, Swiss Academy Zurich offers a modular dance program.

Our dance support includes a comprehensive and differentiated approach to dance and provides a basic understanding regarding one's own body, the importance of health care and nutrition. Ambitious dancers have the opportunity to be optimally promoted in a specific stylistic direction by bringing all essential framework conditions in line with the respective training or career planning.

In addition to dance and school, the Swiss Academy places great emphasis on personal, mental and health development, which is elementary to dance.

  • International A Levels – study in Switzerland and around the world
  • Learn about health and exercise as part of a well-structured programme
  • Gain greater awareness of the importance of your physical wellbeing
  • Learn about healthy eating and having the right diet
  • Daily slots for personalised training sessions
  • Regular feedback about your fitness level
  • Extra athletics training
  • Class coaching dance focus (with Head of Dance)
  • Regular individual coaching sessions (with Head of Dance)
  • Mentorship, Internship
  • Dance in practice

Dance in practice (examples):

  • Visits to events (ballet performances, contemporary dance theater, dress rehearsals, etc.) 
  • Rehearsal and training visits (Ballett Theater Basel, Theater Luzern, Theater St. Gallen, Ballett Zürich, free dance formations)
  • Attendance of further training opportunities (ZHdK BA Contemporary Dance or similar) 
  • In conversation: (former) professional dancers, choreographers, etc.
  • Nutrition and cooking workshops
  • Mental training workshops (e.g. with sports psychologists)